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Civil Engineering

EVI has been trusted by some of the most reputable contractors in Northeast Indiana for grading, water, sewer, and road construction plans. We specializes in storm water drainage solutions for commercial and residential construction projects.

Land Surveying

EVI utilizes the latest technology such as GPS, drone & aerial photography, and remote

surveying instruments to produce accurate and reliable surveys that you can trust. Our years of experience and reputation make EVI a clear choice for your next boundry, topographic, or ALTA survey.


Can you imagine a doctor who was afraid to give a diagnosis? How about a lawyer that wouldn't give you legal advice? That is exactly the trend that is building in the engineering world.

Unlike most firms, EVI will give you a straight answer that you can rely on.

Why Engineering Vision?

If quality and integrity are  important to you, then look no further than Engineering Vision. 

EVI provides quick dependable service that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

“We are willing to

take risks
for our clients.”

Mark Strong, President

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